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Counselling Services

Psychodynamic counselling aims to assist people to understand how past experiences and current behaviour may be connected, and allows space to explore feelings and thoughts about ourselves as individuals and in relationships with others. Counselling offers a confidential and supportive service and the opportunity for change.

Individual Counselling

Regular sessions of 50 minutes are arranged, once weekly. Counselling may be short-term or may extend over a much longer period of time, depending on circumstances.

Couples Counselling

Difficulties arise in most relationships at one time or another but in some these can grow to endanger the relationship. Difficulties with intimacy, communications, jealousy, ill-health or bereavement all bring additional stress to relationships.
Couples counselling can provide a space for each person to listen and be heard, so that the relationship can be explored, understood and either rebuilt or, if not, it can allow the couple to part with greater understanding and less hostility.

Relationship counselling is not just for couples: it can also be very helpful in other types of relationship, such as with a parent or sibling. As with individual counselling, regular weekly sessions of 50 minutes are arranged with an experienced relationship counsellor.

Both partners should be willing to come for counselling together or at least consider this as an option.