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Counselling Services

Psychodynamic counselling aims to assist people to understand how past experiences and current behaviour may be connected, and allows space to explore feelings and thoughts about ourselves as individuals and how we relate to others.  Counselling offers a confidential, safe and supportive service and the opportunity for change.

Individual Counselling

Regular sessions of 50 minutes are arranged, once weekly. Counselling may be short-term or may extend over a longer period of time, depending on circumstances.  We offer an initial, 50 minute assessment session with one of our experienced counsellors, which gives us the chance to understand what you would like from counselling and for you to get a better idea of what we offer, and whether or not that is for you.  Following that session, we may offer a limited number of sessions as a chance for you and your counsellor to meet and see how the psychodynamic counselling approach suits you, or we may be able to offer you a more open-ended counselling slot.

Couples and Relationship Counselling

There are problematic issues that arise in most relationships at one time or another, and for some, these issues can escalate to a point where they endanger the relationship. Difficulties with communication, intimacy, jealousy, raising children, life changes, illness and bereavement can all bring additional stress to relationships, and sometimes it can feel impossible for a couple to resolve these without help. Psychodynamic counselling aims to help couples look at their relationship and at how they relate to each other, to think about how past experiences may be contributing to current difficulties and to look at the wider impact of outside influences. Couples counselling allows space for the exploration of feelings and thoughts and offers the opportunity for a couple to improve communication and understand each other better.

Relationship counselling is not just for couples: it can also be very helpful in other types of relationship, such as with a parent or sibling.

Regular once-weekly 50 minute couples counselling sessions are arranged with an experienced relationship counsellor.  Both partners must be willing to come for counselling together and couples counselling sessions are only held with both partners present.